about abeth

The abeth brand, was founded in 2018 in France by Anaïs Elisabeth Panizzi, a brand representing French know-how.

The brand bases its policy and its development on a responsible industrialization from a social and environmental point of view and a high-end craftsmanship. Live better, live more slowly but also more consciously …

Adopt more responsible consumption habits. In short, the goal of abeth is to do good while preserving the planet, both human and non-human animals. The brand breathes a relaxed and timeless creativity, a new way of taking care of silk, with materials that are good for the skin and respectful of the environment.

Based only on upcycling, natural and organic materials such as organic cotton and organic vegetable leather certify by the global organic standard textile label. Ethical fashion is slow fashion, it is responsible consumption based on : products designed to combine style and quality and that can be kept for years, raw materials, production techniques and supply respectful of the Planet and Men, a search for extending the life cycle of clothing through customization, resale or recycling, a plural and creative fashion to reflect its unique personality, far from standardization. In fact, it’s simply a matter of returning to something sensible.

Restore fashion as its means of expression, rebuild an industry that properly treats these workers and allows them to flourish professionally, and minimize its negative impact on the world around us.

As a consumer, stopping the fast fashion to turn to slow fashion, so making a choice with enormous positive repercussions for his self-esteem, his wallet, the planet, men and women to the other end of theworld.